Control Yuan Members Demand Investigation of Former Taiwan Ambassador to Nicaragua | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Control Yuan members Wang Meiyu (王美玉), Lin Yu-jong (林郁容) and Lin Wen-cheng (林文程) on Thursday (March 17) filed a request to investigate the former ambassador to Nicaragua Jaime Wu (吳進木), who became a naturalized Nicaraguan citizen after the Central American country severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

The three pointed out in a press release that Wu had resigned in November, and Nicaragua announced its decision to sever relations with Taiwan in December and granted Wu citizenship. Wu had not reported anything about the imminent end of relations. diplomats during his last posting, CNA reported.

Citing the health problems of a family member, he remained in Nicaragua after resigning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

As personnel with access to classified information, ambassadors are subject to the National Security Classified Information Protection Act (國家機密保護法) and must return to Taiwan when they complete their tenure at an embassy. They can then no longer leave Taiwan without official authorization for three years.

Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou (歐江安) previously said that the ministry did not know that Wu would obtain Nicaraguan citizenship in advance and that “Ambassador Wu did not inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the advance”.


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