Former presidents ask the government to reconsider support to Nicaragua for the General Secretariat of SICA


QCOSTARICA – The eight former presidents of Costa Rica have signed a letter in which they ask the government of the current president, Rodrigo Chaves, to reconsider its support for Nicaragua to occupy the general secretariat of SICA

The Secretary General is the highest administrative officer of SICA, is a national of one of the Member States, a person with a recognized integrationist vocation, with a high degree of impartiality, independence of judgment and integrity.

The ex-presidents of Costa Rica (from left to right): Oscar Arias, Rafael Angel Calderon, Jose Maria Figueres, Abel Pacheco, Laura Chinchilla, Luis Guillermo Soils. Absent Miguel Angerl Rodriguez and Carlos Alvarado

A few days ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Costa Rica would support the Nicaraguan candidate, Werner Vargas, former executive director of SICA, who enjoys the support of other countries in the region.

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The letter was signed by former presidents Óscar Arias (1986-1990 and 2006-2010), Rafael Ángel Calderón (1990-1994), José María Figueres (1994-1998), Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (1998-2002), Abel Pacheco (2002 -2006), Laura Chinchilla (2010-2014), Luis Guillermo Solís (2014-2018) and Carlos Alvarado (2018-2022).

Former President Luis Guillermo Solís said it was “bad symbolism” for Costa Rica to support Nicaragua in its desire to join the general secretariat of this international organization.

The foreign ministers of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama also gave their support to the candidate of Daniel Ortega.

Central American Integration System

The Central American Integration System (SICA) is the economic and political organization of the Central American States since February 1, 1993.

On December 13, 1991, the countries of ODECA (Organización de Estados Centroamericanos) signed the Protocol of Tegucigalpa, extending previous cooperation for regional peace, political freedom, democracy and economic development. The General Secretariat of SICA is located in El Salvador.

In 1991, the institutional framework of SICA included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Belize joined the organization in 1998 as a full member, while the Dominican Republic became an associate state in 2004 and a full member in 2013. Mexico, Chile and Brazil became members of the organization as regional observers, and the Republic of China, Spain, Germany and Japan became an extra-regional observer

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