Goals and summary of Bahrain 0-2 Panama in friendly match | 09/27/2022

13:30 9 hours ago


Match ends Bahrain 0-2 Panama

13:19 9 hours ago


Last minutes of the match, Panama will take the victory in this friendly match.

13:16 9 hours ago


Bahrain are also making changes to try to be a bit more attacking.

13:09 9 hours ago


Panama makes substitutions to finish controlling the game.

13:02 9 hours ago


Many faults stop the course of the match, Bahrain begins to sink into despair.

12:54 9 hours ago


The intensity of the match drops a little and Panama begins to tip the scales.

12:49 9 hours ago


Bahrain are looking for a goal with high pressure that will put them in the game.

12:44 9 hours ago


Panama’s goal to increase the score.

12:41 9 hours ago


The second half begins.

12:25 PM10 hours ago


The first half ends Bahrain 0-1 Panama.

12:14 PM10 hours ago


Last minutes of the first half, Panama took the lead at the break.

12:12 PM10 hours ago


Bahrain press and seek the equalizer before half-time.

12:06 PM10 hours ago


Panama controls the game after the first score.

11:55 10 hours ago


Panama’s goal opened the scoring in the match.

11:54 10 hours ago


The teams do not hurt each other and the score remains blank.

11:50 10 hours ago


A home and away game, both teams had dangerous chances, but couldn’t open the scoring.

11:45 AM10 hours ago


Panama is also beginning to generate dangerous games, but so far still ineffective.

11:40 10 hours ago


Bahrain starts with more possession in this game.

11:37 AM10 hours ago

To start up

Kick-off of the match between Bahrain and Panama, an international friendly match.

11:20 AM11 hours ago

Everything is ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the warm-up is over and the players enter the dressing rooms for the final interview and for the start of the match.

11:15 AM11 hours ago

Grand entrance

Great atmosphere at the Bahrain National Stadium, a nice entrance, the fans can’t wait to see this international friendly match.

11:10 11 hours ago

Already warming up

Just over 30 minutes from kick-off, the players are warming up.

11:05 AM11 hours ago


Fairly warm to be expected at the Bahrain National Stadium, there will be clear skies but very warm at the time of the match, the match is expected to be slow due to weather conditions.

10:55 11 hours ago


Neither team has qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but they are nonetheless gearing up for the next World Cup cycle in 2026, with two teams looking to get back into their groove and prepare as best they can.

10:50 11 hours ago

Already at the stadium

Both teams are already at the stadium and are preparing in the dressing rooms to warm up, while others take the pitch early to reconnoiter the playing field.

10:45 11 hours ago


Gradually Arab national team fans are coming to Bahrain national stadium, a large number of fans are present to see this great game, while very few people from Panama arrive at the stadium to support the Bahrain team. CONCACAF.

10:40 11 hours ago

Other correspondence

Tomorrow will also see Saudi Arabia v USA, South Korea v Cameroon, Ecuador v Japan, Senegal v Iran, Canada v Uruguay, Nicaragua v Ghana, Paraguay against Morocco, Jamaica against Argentina and Mexico against Colombia.

10:35 11 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of the Bahrain vs Panama game

In a few moments, we’ll share with you the starting lineups for Bahrain vs Panama Live, as well as the latest information from the Bahrain National Stadium. Stay tuned for minute-by-minute online coverage of the match by VAVEL.

10:30 12 hours ago

Where and how to watch Bahrain vs Panama live online

10:25 12 hours ago

What time is Bahrain vs Panama?

10:20 12 hours ago

Bahrain National Stadium

10:15 12 hours ago


Neither team will have any injured players, so they will have a full squad for this game which promises excitement and goals.

10:10 12 hours ago


These two teams have never met in a friendly match, it will be the first time and the Panama national team will be favored to win this match against Bahrain, a preparation match for the next World Cup cycle.

09:55 12 hours ago

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