Joe Biden’s government will not invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the Summit of the Americas


UNITED STATES will not invite in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela at the Summit of the Americas in June, the head of American diplomacy for the region Brian Nichols said Monday.

“At a key moment in our hemisphere, we face many challenges to democracy” and Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela “they do not respect the Democratic Charter of the Americas and so I don’t expect his presence,” Nichols said in an interview with NTN24.

When asked if Washington would invite the Cuban government, which participated in the 2015 summit in Panama, Nichols replied, “No.” “It’s a decision of the president (Joe Biden) but I think he was very clear that (…) countries that do not respect democracy by their actions will not receive invitations”, he said. -she adds.

Last week, Cuba denounced that the United States had excluded it preparations for the summit, calling it a “historic setback” for the Biden administration.

Cuban President, Miguel Díaz Canel and former President and Army General, Raúl Castro. Xinhua Photo


These three countries are already on the list of excluded from the region for the democracy summit held in December in Washington, alongside Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti.

Relations between the United States and Cuba have become even more strained since Washington described as a “wave of oppression” after the July 2021 protests on the island, which left one dead, dozens injured and 1,395 detained according to the latest count by Miami-based NGO Cubalex.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.  Photo Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo Reuters

Cuba accuses the United States of being behind these demonstrations, lthe eldest since the triumph of the revolution in 1959.

On the other hand, the Biden government does not recognize the presidents of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, and Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, considering that they were elected in undemocratic elections.

Source: AFP



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