Mastronardi Produce considers expansion in Central America


Mastronardi Produce envisions a new market in which to develop clusters of partnerships and controlled farming facilities. The first of these efforts includes an agreement with investment firm AgriCapital Holdings Corp. to support the development of a new agropark in Panama.

“There is no doubt that we need to respond to the growing concern of food insecurity, and environment-controlled agriculture is a prime solution that is poised for rapid growth,” said Dean Taylor, vice president of business development for Mastronardi Produce. “As industry leaders, we are always looking for opportunities to deliver more sustainably grown produce to people in an efficient manner. This includes finding new markets and helping them grow with our support.

Mastronardi will bring its expertise, advice and training to the new Agropark Panama, which aims to be the world’s first 100% clean energy agrological park. The goal of the agropark is to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to North American, Mexican and Canadian farms that need to expand their growth operations, but face increasing limitations in the availability of labor. works for their controlled environment farming operations. The project will also help increase job creation in rural areas of Panama and Central America.

“We couldn’t find a better advisor and ally for our project,” said Juan Carlos Mastellari, Managing Partner of AgriCapital Holdings. “We admire the Mastronardi team and the magic they have done with the Sunset brand.”

The company believes Panama is a market well configured to meet growth expectations. Its geographic location, including the Panama Canal connectivity platform, means goods can reach major markets in 4 days by sea, and as one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, it already ships a large number of goods to the United States, including bananas. and pineapple.


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