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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua made a statement to the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Panama to FAO, IFAD and WFP, in its capacity as President pro tempore of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries ( GRULAC), denouncing a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.


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Calling Colombia’s statement irresponsible and rejecting it in its entirety, Nicaragua‘s foreign ministry went on to list a range of social and political issues that discredited any possible criticism of the Colombian government.

“Our country, which acts in full respect of its internal laws, human rights and international law, denounces the constant crimes, human rights violations, terrorism, violations of peace agreements, the assassinations of social leaders, electoral fraud and the formation and functioning of the Narco Colombian State; therefore, we totally reject the disrespectful, interference and baseless accusations against the dignified people of Nicaragua contained in the referenced note. The narco-Colombian state murders its citizens with impunity, to whose families we send our solidarity,” read the opening remarks of the statement issued on Thursday, March 24.

The statement further stated that “the Colombian State has been isolated and known as a country in which there are no minimum guarantees for the effective respect of human rights in all their dimensions. Since the signing of the “Final agreement for the end of the conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace”, more than 300 social leaders were assassinated. Between April 2020 and March 2021, 22 trade unionists have been murdered and so far in 2022, 17 social leaders have been murdered with impunity.”

The Colombian state has been repeatedly denounced for its flagrant deprivation of life and violations of civil and political rights. Investigations confirmed that in 2021 there were 54 cases of human rights violations, many of which were linked to members of the Colombian National Police and Armed Forces.

The statement from the Nicaraguan authorities also reports 2,399 selective assassinations, 158 massacres with 870 deaths, 182 attacks on civilian property, an undetermined number of cases of arbitrary detention, torture and enforced disappearances attributed to the Colombian public forces.

The statement points out that “the paramilitaries are accused of having acted with the consent of the Narco-State of Colombia, committing 8,902 selective assassinations, 1,166 massacres with 7,160 deaths, 371 cases of torture and cruelty, more than 1,000 recruited children and the seizure of nearly 800,000 hectares of land. »

Additionally, the statement highlighted that Colombia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cocaine, and how it “uses its territory to sponsor and fund terrorist groups to alter the peace in the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua has urged that this statement be circulated to other GRULAC delegations accredited to FAO, IFAD and WFP in Rome, Italy.


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