Nicaragua expels Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa for failing to follow state laws


In a major crackdown on the Catholic Church, the government of Nicaragua in Central America decided to expel the association run by the Missionaries of Charity (MoC) for failing to follow state laws. The government, stating the specific reason, said the association failed to comply with Law 977 which deals with money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

According to reports, the president of the Nicaraguan government Daniel Ortega also decided to close 100 similar NGOs, including several Catholic organizations operating in the country. The measure was first ordered by the Nicaraguan Interior Ministry and was approved by the National Assembly on July 7.

Ever since Saint Mother Teresa visited the nation of Nicaragua during the first term of Daniel Ortega, the Missionaries of Charity have been active there. The House of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Granada, which welcomes abandoned children and victims of abuse, is run by nuns. They run a retirement home in Managua, the nation’s capital, where older people can get amenities including food and clothing. The MC also runs child care centers for children from low-income families and offers remedial education for at-risk youth.

The government ordering the association’s dismissal said it did not have an operating license from the Ministry of Education to provide remedial lessons to pupils. “Furthermore, they are not licensed by the Ministry of Family to operate as a crèche-center for child development, a girl’s home and a home for the aged, and their financial statements submitted to the Ministry of Family ‘interior do not tally with other documents submitted for review,’ the government said.

The decision to expel more than similar NGOs, including the Kolkata-based Missionaries of Charity, comes amid the massive war of words between the Catholic Church and the Ortega government that rules all of Central America. for 15 years. Relations have been fragile since 2018, when Nicaraguan authorities cracked down on marches against a series of contested social security reforms. Despite attempts to mediate the crisis, the bishops were ultimately barred from participating in the dialogue, and relations deteriorated further after the contentious 2021 elections, which confirmed President Ortega against the other presidential candidate.

The reports mention that among the Catholic organizations that the Nicaraguan government ordered to be disbanded are the Diriomito Children’s Care Home Association, the My Childhood Mothers Foundation, the Catholic Foundation for Human Development Assistance for Nicaraguans, and the Spirituality Foundation for Children of Nicaragua.

It is important to note that the Association of Missionaries of Charity has also been reserved in several cases in India. In December 2021, the government of Gujarat filed an FIR against the organization founded by Mother Teresa for luring young girls to convert to Christianity. Furthermore, one of the ex-nuns had confirmed that the MoC isolated the nuns and nuns and institutionally brainwashed them.

Apparently, the Union Home Department had rejected the organizations’ FCRA license renewal after it failed to submit documentation of donations it had received from overseas. Apparently, the evangelical Christian organization had received large sums of money from a company based in the tax haven of Panama. Of the total ₹75 crore received in donations from foreign donors, more than 17% came from this mysterious company linked to companies named in the Pandora logs. Later, the license was restored after the organization submitted the relevant documents.


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