Panama and Costa Rica, high priority countries to promote Spain


Panama and Costa Rica are two high priority countries for promote Spain as a tourist destinationaccording to an analysis of the Central American market carried out by the public entity Turespanaattached to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

These are the conclusions of a report published at the end of July and carried out jointly with the Spanish Tourist Board in Mexico and the tourist entity Madzen, who have studied the economic situation, air connectivity and the actual size of the market in the countries that make up the region. .

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Turespaña has developed a potentiality index to identify the markets that should be given priority to promote Spain touristically. Priority is high for Panama and Costa Rica; medium for Guatemala and El Salvador, and low for Honduras and Nicaragua.

From the socio-economic point of view, a determining factor in being able to move to Europe, it is considered that in the region there is a high income country (Panama), two upper middle income countries (Costa Rica and Guatemala) and three high-middle to low-income countries (El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua).

Main European competitors

Regarding the two priority markets for Spain, Turespaña has identified France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands as the main European competitors in the case of Panama; and France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland for Costa Rica.

According to Turespaña’s analysis, the outlook for the region, which has 49 million inhabitants and a GDP of 265 billion dollars (262 billion euros), is positive, as shown by the reactivation of travel to Spain after the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, Costa Rica, followed by Panama, led the flow of tourists to Spain, although in 2019 Guatemala was the second country in Central America with the most travelers.

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