Panama Metro Awards Line 1 Track and Catenary Extension Contract


The metro also renewed a maintenance contract for line 2.

PANAMA Metro has awarded TCP Rail, a subsidiary of NGE, and CIM a $13.9 million contract for the supply and installation of tracks and rigid catenaries for the northern extension of Line 1.

Panama Metro also renewed a contract with TCP and CIM for the maintenance of Line 2, including catenary, track and workshop equipment, with a three-year extension worth 6.9 million. of dollars.

The 2.2 km elevated extension of Line 1 will connect the current San Isidro Station terminus to the future Villa Zaíta terminus, with a capacity of up to 10,000 passengers per hour. The contract includes the construction of a multimodal bus and taxi interchange in Villa Zaíta, as well as a park and ride with a capacity of 800 vehicles.

Track laying and catenary installation will begin in October with testing expected to begin in May 2023. Up to 300 employees will work under the contract at its peak.

Line 1, the first metro line in Central America, was inaugurated in April 2014.

The contract for line 2, which includes 22 km of elevated tracks and 5.7 km of workshop tracks, runs from April 2022 to April 2025.

The TSO-CIM teams are currently finalizing the work to extend line 2, which includes two stations at the Institut Supérieur Technique Spécialisé (ITSE) and at Tocumen airport. The Panamanian cabinet approved the construction of the 2 km extension in February 2020 at a cost of $42.7 million.

“TSO has been involved in the construction and maintenance of the Panama Metro since 2011,” says Orso Vesperini, International General Manager and Major Projects at NGE. “This new project illustrates our desire to position ourselves as a major player in the 2040 Master Plan launched by Panama Metro, which provides for the construction of eight new lines.

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