Russian Ambassador to Station Russian Military Units in Nicaragua


Russian soldiers could be deployed to Nicaragua on the basis of laws already in force in the Central American country, the Russian Federation’s ambassador to the Latin American country, Alexander Khokholikoff, said on Friday. in an interview With RIA Novosti.

The current Foreign Military Presence Law, passed annually by the Nicaraguan Parliament, already allows the transit and presence of military personnel and equipment from certain countries, including Russia.

According to the diplomat, military cooperation between Moscow and Managua does not target third countries, despite the growing dispute with the United States over possible deployments. Russia plans to intensify Russian-Nicaraguan relations in many areas, and this is also not a response to US and NATO policies, the ambassador said:

“Completely independent of the current political situation in the world and the tensions motivated by the interests caused by the Western collective in relations with Russia, it is planned to expand Russian-Nicaraguan cooperation in the fields of trade, economy, culture and humanitarian aid, as well as in the military field”.

Khokholikoff added that the choice of forms of military cooperation is the sovereign right of both countries.

He recalled that for a long time “a small group of Russian specialists has been permanently stationed in Nicaragua to ensure the maintenance of military equipment and armaments, as well as the training of Nicaraguan soldiers”.

Speculation has been circulating since late December about an expansion of the Russian military presence in Latin America. On December 26, at his annual press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised a “military-technical response” to the expansion of NATO and the US military into the post-Soviet space in the event of a failure of negotiations on a new security solution for Europe.

In early January, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov did not rule out sending troops to Latin America:

“The Russian President has repeatedly commented on steps he could take, including involving the Russian Navy, if things boil down to a Russian provocation and the United States continues to increase military pressure on us.”

Washington opposes the prospect of stationing Russian troops in countries like Venezuela and Cuba, just under 100 miles from US shores.

In mid-January, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned that Russia’s actions would be “resolutely opposed” “if Russia goes in that direction.”

Tensions between the United States and Russia have escalated in recent months as Western politicians have sounded the alarm over an allegedly prepared invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Official Moscow, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of attacking its neighbor, seeking instead written guarantees prohibiting NATO expansion closer to the country’s borders. In the meantime, the United States and NATO have rejected it.

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(rt/RIA Novosti)


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