Top 5 Central American Cities To Be A Digital Nomad



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work remotely in a tropical paradise? Imagine waking up each day to summer weather and beautiful scenery. These days, it’s easier to achieve than you might think.

There are quite a few places to work remotely, but these five Central American cities for being a digital nomad have a lot to offer: good internet connection, beautiful scenery, fun adventures, and the list goes on.

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Before you get on a plane, however, you’ll want to do some research. Which city will you choose? And what will you need to do or obtain before you take the big step?

Gather the necessary tools before leaving for Central America

You will need a few things before you become a digital nomad in Central America. Your personal list may be longer than this, but here are the essentials to get you started:

  • Laptop and laptop stand / laptop keyboard
  • Portable WiFi solution to stay connected
  • Universal plug adapter
  • Digital mailbox from to track the mail back home

The best cities in Central America to be a digital nomad

Many digital nomads see the following cities as the best balance between strong internet, low cost of living and high quality of life.

San José, Costa Rica

The capital and largest city of Costa Rica, San José is a vibrant hub filled with young professionals and expats, which makes it conducive to networking opportunities.

Many digital nomads love the fun and varied lifestyle that San José has to offer. It has all the amenities of a big city while being a stone’s throw from pristine natural wonders.

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Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is emerging as a leading remote working destination for its incredible scenery, stable WiFi and various coworking spaces, as well as bustling city life. Antigua is home to so many bars and restaurants that you could go to a new one every night for a year and never get bored.

Panama, Panama

Panama City has been one of the top expat destinations in Central America for years, and for good reason. It has high-speed Wi-Fi, a strong entertainment culture, and an established expat community to connect with.

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Granada, Nicaragua

Another beautiful city, Granada, is located on the edge of a crater lake. Just 45 minutes from this crater is another crater, with a national park and a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy.

As for staying connected, the internet has come a long way in Granada and Nicaragua in general. You can count on staying connected, no matter where the road takes you.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a budget alternative to San Jose, and some people think it is even better. This central Pacific remote work hub is a tight-knit party town with all the amenities of a larger, more developed city. It is also easy to make friends when there is so much to explore together in the surrounding nature of Jaco.

Make your choice

You’re up for the adventure of a lifetime when you choose one of these five Central American cities to become a digital nomad.

And why limit yourself to just one?

Flying between them is so easy that you might even want to try a little of each. Travel safe and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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