Travel to Nicaragua from Cuba via El Salvador


Cuban travelers continue to look from Cuba for options and alternatives for their flights to Nicaragua, after several countries, such as Costa Rica or Panama, have tightened procedures to access their airports from the island. However, there are still countries in Central America that do not require transit visas for Cubans, such as El Salvador.

Seeking to explain this alternative to our users, Directory Cubano contacted, through an editor, via email, the Consulate General of the Republic of El Salvador in Cuba, based at Calle 24, Miramar, Playa, in Havana. According to said diplomatic headquarters and we quote:you do not need a transit visa to go through EL SALVADOR airport”.

Others sources consulted by our press room specify that the stopover must not exceed 12 hours and, of course, must not leave the limits of the international airport of El Salvador, San Óscar Arnulfo Romero, the main airport of this country of ‘Central America. In addition, since last November, the Salvadoran health authorities no longer require a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test. So these are other additional facilities.

From the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of El Salvador, the entire Salvadoran and foreign population has been informed that from this day onwards this country has abolished the health requirements for entry into the national territory linked to the presentation of negative tests and vaccination cards. as part of the health crisis for travelers entering the country.

They pointed out that since the new update, the corresponding communication has been given to airlines, land and maritime transport companies and tour operators, so that the elimination of requirements was immediate for trips to El Salvador, making shipping process in ports and airports more flexible. .


Although on the one hand, El Salvador does not pose too many obstacles for Cuban travelers passing through this country, the most difficult situation these days is to find flights to El Salvador from Cuba. Bad news, so far there are no direct connections and the alternative that operated through the Panamanian airline, Copa Airlines, has been paralyzed for the moment.

Anyone looking for this route will have to endure long flights of several hours waiting at different airports, at least until a company appears that sees El Salvador as an alternative and demanded way for Cubans to reach Nicaragua, which since last November has organized the free visa for Cubans.

The most viable companies for Cubans to fly from the island to Nicaragua are Aruba Airlines, with direct flights from several airports, but with huge demand and airfares over US$3,000. In addition to Air Century, with a stopover in the Dominican Republic, which can also have a connection to El Salvador and then to Nicaragua, or the Mexican company Viva Aerobus, which makes a technical stopover in Cancun and continues to Managua, the Nicaraguan capital.

If the demand does not allow it, you can always use an intermediate stopover in El Salvador, which does not require a transit visa from Cubans. The Avianca company offers at least four daily flights between El Salvador and Managua, lasting less than an hour, with a cost of just over 120 dollars, in some offers.


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