Two opponents of Ortega detained in Nicaragua placed under house arrest:


Two imprisoned former Nicaraguan diplomats critical of the government of Daniel Ortega have been placed under house arrest due to health problems, as the international community questions the medical situation of several imprisoned opponents.

“The Public Ministry, in view of the state of health of these people, for humanitarian reasons, has asked the judicial authority to change the precautionary measure of preventive detention to house arrest” for Edgar Parrales and Mauricio Díaz, said indicated the entity in a press release. .

Both are among 46 opponents arrested last year, mostly ahead of November elections, in which President Ortega won his fourth consecutive term since 2007.

They are prosecuted for crimes such as “undermining national integrity”, considered as “treason”. Ortega accuses them of plotting to overthrow him with Washington’s backing.

Among the prisoners are seven former presidential candidates who were disqualified from running against the president.

One of the 46 detainees, former guerrilla leader and Sandinista dissident Hugo Torres died on February 12, after being transferred from prison to hospital due to an illness that the Attorney General’s office did not did not specify.

Parrales, 79, and Diaz, 71, were detained in the prison of the Legal Aid Directorate (DAJ, investigation) of the Managua police, where most of this group of opponents are detained.

Along with Parrales and Diaz, there are now five opposition members who have been under house arrest due to health issues since last Saturday, including former presidential candidate and academic Arturo Cruz, 68, and the former foreign minister Francisco Aguirre, 77.

Parrales, an analyst, former priest and former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS between 1980 and 1982, was accused by the prosecution of “criminal association with a view to undermining national integrity”. He has not yet been prosecuted.

While Diaz, analyst and former ambassador to Costa Rica between 2000 and 2004, was sentenced Thursday to nine years in prison for conspiracy to undermine national integrity.

On February 1, the trials against opponents arrested in connection with the elections began.

At least 28 of them have been found guilty so far, and 17 sentenced to prison terms ranging from 8 to 13 years. The latest was, Thursday, Mauricio Diaz.

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Independent Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) urged the Ortega government to immediately release imprisoned opponents, especially those who are adults.

Another 124 opposition members arrested between 2019 and 2020 are still being held in the prison system.


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